Benefits we aim to bring

The customer

  • Improved governance, value for money and guarantee of suitably screened, qualified, competent, hand picked tradesmen/women deployed
  • Improved premises, first impressions, resident and employee safety and security
  • Provision of Health and Safety and general maintenance audits to allow forward planning and evidence for audit purposes and CQC / Ofsted etc
  • Potential to use any ‘on the job’ time saved to assist with the build of furniture and equipment etc


  • Confidence in the guarantee of suitably qualified vetted and competent hand picked tradesmen/women ‘supervision’
  • Proactive communication of assignments to save administration time to allow more focus on tutoring/teaching
  • Good PR and new stories in supporting local and collaborative community care and education projects
  • On the job support to enhance life skills, English and Math’s and support the educational messages provided

Student/Young person

  • Improved and extended placements and work based experience
  • Improved confidence and morale from being welcomed, supervised and mentored by hand picked technical experts
  • Improved life skills, technical experience and support through the transition to employment.
  • Good news stories, PR, T-shirts, events and networking opportunities for future employment working with the local community

SME Tradesmen/women

  • Pride and feel good factor in passing experience to the next generation
  • Opportunity to nurture new talent to enhance future employment potential
  • Increased engagement in local community projects, positive PR and reputation
  • Unsolicited work stream and job opportunities